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A short film on how the creative industry in a small seaside town help to rebuild                                                       and create communities. 



   Creating communities

   Creating communities 





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For my visual Anthropology module here at the University of Kent, I have decided to make a short film on the once favourited seaside town, Margate in Kent. At first, I wasn't too sure on what I wanted to capture here, but one thing I did know for sure was that there was definetly more here then meets the eye. Margate was once a bubbling seaside town, but has since come into decline which has left the town, like many others like it and especially in the winter months, vulnerable and deprived. This certainly caused me to make assumptions of what to expect. However, upon my first visit to the town, I realised that there was very much a sense of community here- although it was hard for me to pin point. My main theme of my film was only really decided once I started talking to people, where I noticed a common phrase being mentioned; the creative community. This was being referred to by creatives, shop, bar and restaurant owners and locals alike, and so became clear to me that this was something to be looked into. My film therefore is a reflective account of my own journey to Margate, starting with my presumptions prior to my visit, interviews with various locals and business owners and ending with an overall feeling of discovery and positivity- one that I hope shows how the creative industry in a deprived seaside town can help rebuild, reshape and create communities for the better. 

   creating communities

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